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Web and Internet Services

Considering a new company website? Perhaps a redesign of your existing site? TechVita can help.

As your website design partner, we will work with you to create a website that fits your business objectives.

If you currently have a website, we offer webmaster services to help ensure that your website is properly maintained.

Website Design

TechVita offers website design services to help you get your company on the web. We provide the necessary expertise, from concept to content, to create a website that will expand your ability to reach customers.

Example Sites:

IPotential, LLC

IPotential, LLC.

When IPotential, LLC — an intellectual property professional services and consulting firm — decided to rework their existing website they chose TechVita to execute the project.

The plan called for both aesthetic and structural changes, while retaining the familiar feel of the existing site.

Design Requirements:

  • Restructure the homepage to alignment with IPotential service offerings.
  • Add intra page content navigation.
  • Create a unified intra site navigation scheme.
  • Incorporate design changes within the existing aesthetic framework.

Working closely with the client, TechVita delivered a final site redesign that successfully satisfied the customer's requirements.

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Upcall Software Consulting, Inc.

Upcall Software Consulting, Inc.

Upcall Software Consulting — an embedded systems programming consultancy — asked TechVita to create a marketing website, including logo and other branding elements.

Design Requirements:

  • Create a company identity program for use in printed material and the website.
  • Make the site visually simple, and fast loading.
  • For easier updating, separate the site content from the graphical layout by using Cascading Style Sheets.

The final result is an informative website that is light, flexible, and fast loading.

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Website Maintenance

Once your website is published, rely on TechVita to help you keep it up to date with our expert webmaster services.

Webmaster Services

Site Updates

Content editing, document uploading, and hyperlink maintenance.

Traffic and Performance Analysis

Website traffic reporting, Website performance analytics.

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